We are delighted to announce that Squirrels have come to Staplehurst. This is for 4-6 year olds. In February we welcomed 10 very excited children to have a trial session at the new 1st Staplehurst Squirrels. They had two weeks of fun taster sessions then on the 3rd week all 10 children took their Squirrel promise and became Staplehurst’s first every squirrel scouts! We are all so excited getting to know each other and making new friends. We have had so much fun so far learning about animals and where they live. We all made a home for our animal toys using Duplo bricks. We love listening to Nutkin reading stories. Each story goes with the activities. We have been learning new games, cat and mouse and using the very big parachute POPCORN! In the coming weeks we will be having fun with experiments and storytelling activities and then joining Beavers at the family Easter Egg hunt!