We are always keen to improve the experience of attending Scouting for all our Beavers, Cubs and Scouts. Our project to upgrade our toilet facilities and provide a new accessible toilet is very nearly finished. Now that these facilities are in use we can continue to be open to all in the Staplehurst community.

Funding the Project

We were determined from the outset not to have to dip into our limited reserves or to tap our current beaver, cub and scout parents and guardians for the funds to do this project. We looked wherever we could for grants and also decided to see how generous local business could be if we asked for some help and we were not disappointed. We have received enthusiastic support from many business and organisations in the village as well as from local trusts. This has helped us to get hit and our target.

So, let us thank all of the following for their very generous help and support in funding the project:-

  • National Lottery
  • Newlyn Trust
  • Staplehurst Events Group
  • Cranbrook & Hawkhurst Rotary Club
  • DK Holdings
  • Wealden Tool Company
  • Blackmore Foundation (SPA)
  • Happy Valley
  • Staplehurst Fireworks Group
  • Golding Homes
  • Radfords Estate Agents
  • Province of East Kent Staplehurst Lodge
  • Scouts own fundraising

Local suppliers and contractors

Bolstered by the encouragement form Councillor Paddy Riordan, we decided to embark on a do-it-yourself project. When I say do-it-yourself, I should say do as much as we can and then get in professional tradesman to do the difficult bits! We tried wherever possible to keep things local and use tradespeople from the village and the response we had was immense. Some people like Paddy Riordan and Aaron Heasman gave their labour for free, most gave us very special mates rates and others healthy discounts to help support scouting in Staplehurst. Our very special thanks go to Paddy Riordan, who helped us at every stage of the way with this project including doing much of the construction work. To all our new friends we offer our sincere thanks in helping us finish this project and we can also wholeheartedly recommend all of the below for the quality of their work, their attention to detail and for being very friendly and helpful to deal with it. There is a lot to be said for keeping it local!

Paddy Riordan

Aaron Heasman

E S Watson

Geoff Fagg

GJL Brickwork

Iden Design

JBPH Contractors Ltd

JMH Flooring

P J Riordan Electrical Contractors Ltd

Plastering and Home Decorating

House & Rubbish Clearance Maidstone


Brickwork, Blockwork and Stonework

Architectural design and project delivery

Heating & Plumbing engineers

Flooring and Expert Installation

01580 893499

07912 253857

07739 392048

01580 893175

07713 490385

07714 094990

01580 441196

01580 890152